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Submitted by BRIZBOMB from Vancouver WA USA

i know, i know, i know... i'm sick, i need help. this is the BRIZBOMB rack as of 2006-08-18: PRO FOGGER; BOSS PC-2 / BOSS DB-66 / MIC; 2 DATAFLASH STROBES / ARIS 614; BEHRINGER ULTRAPATCH; IBANEZ DM1000; BOSS DE-200; ALESIS 12R; SHERMAN FB-1; FURMAN PL-PLUS; YAMAHA R100 / BOSS RSD-10; ROLAND CR-78 / PRO FOGGER control; WURLITZER 5020; AUTO-ORCHESTRA 16R; FURMAN PL-8; ASAMA DS-3 / ROLAND SH-301 / PRO RHYTHM D-3; ADA S1000; MAM RS3; YAMAHA E1010; dbx 106S; FOSTEX CR300; DATAFLASH control; BOSS PC-2; AUTO-ORCHESTRA control. mounted in back: IBANEZ CP-835; NADY MSE-100A. more derangement at

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