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Submitted by nkondi from Portland, OR

This is total live nkondi set up which doesn't differ much from the studio nkondi. Albeit there are a few more pedals missing, but they more or less rotate through out a set up like this. Pictured here is: DOD Delay/Sampler, DOD Metal X. Arion Delay/Sampler, Danelectro French Toast, DOD Metal Maniac, DOD Envelope Filter, Alesis Philtre, Alesis Phaze, Audible Disease Rupture (Original Version), Arion Digital Delay, Arion Metal Master, Morley ABY (yes there are two in the pic), MiniDisc Player/Recorder, Danelectro Tuna Melt, Danelectro Chili Dog, Danelectro French Fries, DOD Super American Metal, DOD Bass Grunge, DOD Corrosion, DOD Grind, Danelectro Fab Tone, Behringer Eurorack Mixer, and a Radioshack Mic (this changes between this mic and three contact mics).

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