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Submitted by jon_ingram from Huntsville, AL

In the picture: Yamaha PSR-275, Montaya acoustic guitar, Suzuki Unisynth, an HMP-288 (a suprisingly cool-sounduing toy keyboard), Yamaha PSS-480, circuit bent Melotunes keyboard, Casio SK-8, Alesis MMT-8 MIDI sequencer, Yongmei MS-200, circuit bent Kidtunes keyboard, circuit bent Playskool keyboard, Soundesign radio taken from my neighbors' trash, home-made 6-channel passive mixer, unbent tape recorder, Mackie 12-channel mic/line mixer, Alesis HR-16:B drum machine, First Act toy accordion, Gill plastic recorder/flute, circuit bent Synsonics Terminator guitar, Epiphone Strat copy, Jonson delay pedal, circuit bent Speak & Read, Math, and Spell, four more tape recorders (3 of them circuit bent), Casio PT-10 without the keys, Yamaha PSS-140, Yamaha PSS-130, and a kareoke microphone. Not in the picture: Danelectro FAB Metal distortion pedal, home-made contact mic, my PC + laptop, and my big box of cassette tapes.

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