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Submitted by reversewahwah from Portage, MI

This pedal board is setup to control 3 rigs. I combine Midicontrollers and audio pedals. I have two smaller midicontrollers and a CC Volume controller to command two other rigs. I have two identical racks. ADAMP1, Rocktron Replifex/Intelifex and a Boss SE-50. One rack is amplified the other has spkr. sims. The third rig is a POD2.0 I can blend any 3 rigs with a Morely George Lynch Tripler. The pedal board is an old Carvin case gutted, removable hinges, and wheels added to make it movable. The One Spot, power all pedals, except for the Whammy 4. Racks effects/AMPs and cabinets not shown. I also have a 2x12 SUNN cabinet converted into a stereo isolation cabinet to capture loud sounds in a box. It is a heavy cabinet but, I can record loud sounds sans spkr.sims at 3am! I am capable of live layering up to 3 guitar setups. Signals are mixed into a Mackie VLZ1202. signals are sent to stereo monitor mix and stereo to house PA. I can also get drum, bass and vocal feeds into the monitor mix.

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